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Air Cleaner
Altitude Jumper Wire
Catalytic Converter
Computer Wiring
Coolant Temp Switch
Decel Valve
Diagnostic Connectors
Diagnostic Tool
EGR System CTO Valve
EGR Valve
Electric Choke
Engine Bay (Picture)
Evaporation Canister
Idle Problems
Idle (Setting Procedure)
Idle (Mixture Screws)
Ignition and Timing
Ignition Tweaking
Knock Sensor
Home Page
Manifold Heater
Other Stuff
Oxygen Sensor
PCV Shutoff Solenoid
PCV System
Pulse Air System
Sequence of Events
Sol-Vac Idle Solenoid
Stepper Motor (Initialize)
The Three Major Players
Three Vacuum Solenoids
Vacuum Hose Schematic
Vacuum Hoses (Details)
Vacuum Reservoir
What Controls What?
Wide Open Throttle Sw.
10"- 4" Vacuum Switches